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All papers published in this journal are peer-reviewed original scientific papers.

Current Issue - Volume 5, No 1, May 2013

Puji Lestari Anugrah
The optimization of jute fibre (boehmeria nivea) as textile raw material alternative through community empowerment to increase Indonesia competitiveness
Tereza De Castro
EU-BRIC Trade Assessment: Introversion, Complementarity and RCA
Calzadilla,J.F. Villa, A. Lopez, J.L.
Spatial Effects on Rural Commerce
Vincent O’Connell, Don O’Sullivan
Performane Measurement, Firm Risk and Corporate Social Responsibility
Paul Rinderu
Econometric Model for Analysing the Structural Funds Absorption at NUTS2 Regional Level Sectoral Operational Programme Transport
Michael Rost, Pavel Tlustý, Renata Klufová, Dagmar Škodová-Parmová
Classification methods as a tool for discovering the attributes with influence on modelled socio-economic characteristics in the studied region
Kristina Somerlikova
Current Socio-demographic situation in smallest administrative districts of municipalities with extended authority

Volume 4, No 2, November 2012


Volume 4, No 1, May 2012


Volume 3, No 2, November 2011

Rayenda Brahmana, Hooy Chee-Wooi, Zamri Ahmad
Bad News Announcement on Investor’s Monday Irrationality? Case of Malaysia
Nirmala Dorasamy
The impact of the global crisis on ethical leadership: A case study of the South African public sector
M.E Chibe
The use of corn soya blend in the school feeding programme
Heni Iswati, Sri Djatnika S.Ariffin
The influence of retailing mix to consumer behaviour
Tatsuo Kimbara
Corporate Governance and Environmental Management Mechanism in the US and Japan
Janusz Lyko
Degressively proportional division of indivisible goods


Volume 3, No 1, May 2011


Mansson, K. Sjolander, P. Shukur, G.:
A New Ridge Regression Causality Test in the Presence of Multicollinearity.pdf
Twerwfou, D. K. Darkwah, S.:
Baseline Study on Compliance of the Ghana Business Code.pdf
Juggernath, S. Rampersad, R.:
Black Economic Empowerment and Communication Challenges in South Africa an Employers Perspective.pdf
Chou, L. Olafsson, S.:
Confidence as an economic indicator A cultural ecology parenthesis.pdf
Brandstaetter, T.:
Informal Institutions, Personalism and Organisational Behaviour in the Arab World and China (Wasta and Guanxi).pdf
Bojnec, S. Papler, D.:
Management of Solar Electricity Production Opportunities for Sunray Mediterranean Areas.pdf
Bivona, E.:
Outlining Long Term Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies in Non Profit Organizations the case of a Colombian Health Care Insurance.pdf


Volume 2, No 2, November 2010


Hall, M.:
A Proposal for Project Based Learning to Promote a Pollution Prevention Program at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Prevent Soil
Contamination Case Studies from the Printing Sector.pdf (394,6 kB)
Mihailescu, R.:
An Assessment of Charter Airline Benefits for Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape.pdf (308 kB)
Bandoi, A. Siminica, M. Gherghinescu, O.:
Assessing Economic and Social Benefits and Costs Within the Cost-Benefit Analysis for Investment Projects.pdf (473,4 kB)
Paul, J.:
ATMs and Cash Demand Forecasting A Study of Two Commercial Banks.pdf (372,7 kB)
Paul, J. Balvočiute, R.:
Comparative Analysis of Organizational Learning Features in Lithuanian Service Sector Enterprises.pdf (377,3 kB)
Hourvouliades, N. Kourkoumelis, N.:
Day-of-the-Week Effects during the Financial Crisis.pdf (342,6 kB)
Macák, T. Königová, M.:
Design of Knowledge Based System to Decrease Work Operation Errors.pdf (456,4 kB)


Volume 2, No 1, May 2010


Koutsoukis, N. S.:
Global Positioning of France, Germany and Greece from 1998 until 2007.pdf (1,2 MB)
Bayburina, E. R. Golovko, T. V.:
Intellectual Value of Russioan and Chinese Listed Companies Long term and Short term Panel Data Analysis.pdf (432,1 kB)
Hirankitt, P.:
Marketing Strategies of Thai Spa Operators in Bangkok Metropolitan.pdf (443,6 kB)
Bjuggren, P. O.:
Ownership, Succession and Entrepreneurship in an Aging Society Is There a Transition Problem.pdf (452,2 kB)
Klímová, V. Žítek, V.:
Possible Ways of Innovation Support in Regions.pdf (275,4 kB)
Tiruneh, M. W.:
The Contribution of Information and Communications Technologies to Global and Regional Competitiveness An empirical exploration 1.pdf (1,5 MB)
Čaplánová, A. Rozborilová, D.:
The Significance of Institutional And Eeconomic Factors in the Ddetermination of Individual Happiness (Empirical Approach).pdf (296,4 kB)
Chen, J. H.:
The Study of the Spillover and Leverage Effects of Ethical Exchange Traded Funds.pdf (588,6 kB)


Volume 1, No 1, May 2009


Acheampong, K. O.:
The Role of Political Ideology in Influencing Tourism Development: The Case of the Wild Coast Region of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Blížkovský, P. Pöschl, A.:
Historical Evidence of the Differentiated Development of Regions: Critical Factors Based ON Case Studies
Parowicz, I.:
Marketing Heritage Conservation Services: Towards an Amalgamation of a Commercial and Social Marketing Strategy